How are the rates calculated?

Rates that conform to market standards have been established for the supply of heating and cooling to your home. The rates are based on the applicable rates for city heating in your area and consist of the following components:

Fixed rate for heating
The fixed rate for your connection to the Vaanster Energie network is established each year. This rate includes the costs for equipment maintenance and service.

Variable rate for heating You pay the variable rate for usage per energy unit. This unit is measured in GJ (in some cases in kWh of heat). If you also obtain hot tap water directly from Vaanster Energie, you will be charged a rate m3 of usage. The variable rate includes the costs that Vaanster incurs from generating and transporting heating. The amount of heating is measured with an energy meter that is mounted on your output kit inside your home.

Fixed rate for cooling
You only pay a fixed rate for cooling. You do not pay for usage. You pay this fixed rate for the delivery of cooling to your home. The fixed rate for cooling also conforms to current market standards. The costs have been compared to a home in which a cooling supply unit has been installed and to homes in other projects that have been connected to a WKO (heating/cooling storage) system.

Just like prices for gas and electricity, the variable rate increases each quarter. We refer to this as indexation. The fixed rate (heating and cooling) increases each year based on indexation of wages and materials. (See CBS). You can see the indexation that applies to your home in the rates list and on your personal page.

Branche vereniging Energie Nederland (Association of Dutch energy suppliers)
The rates we use for comparison are based on the recommended rates published by Energie Nederland (Google 'tariefadvies 2012' – recommended rates). This will take you to a document on the Energie Nederland’s branch association website. This document shows the underlying calculation, including the different posts included in the calculation. The city heating suppliers base their rates on this recommendation.

Warmtewet (Dutch Heating Supply Act)
Besides our rates that conform to market standards, your rights as a private customer are also protected by the Dutch Heating Supply Act. This law regulates heating supply rates. Our rates fulfil the criteria of this law. This law protects you from rates that are too high for your heating supply.