Are you interested in relieving your organisation from the burden of daily management of your collective sustainable energy system? Are you looking for an organisation which can take over the running of your thermal storage system while you, as client, maintain ownership and control of energy prices? Then the Vaanster management concept is just what you need!

Vaanster takes care of everything. The services we provide are designed to take over the tasks of running your organisation’s projects. Our objective is to limit the weight on your organisation’s shoulders to a minimum, and to only get you involved when important decisions or opinions are required.

Vaanster takes care of all your tasks concerning energy supplies. Once a year, we meet to discuss technical and financial performance. We communicate directly with tenants. You maintain ownership of the installation, and are responsible only for normal letting of the housing and maintaining installations in the homes themselves.

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Due dilligence

Following our standardized processes, we will discuss your project in detail, and together with you, decide on a plan to optimize the operation of your sustainable energy supply. Due diligence is always performed based on no cure, no pay

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After the due diligence phase, we draw up a Maintenance Agreement with you. Our fully standardized process enables us to transfer the project with minimum disruption to your business. After a few weeks of preparation, your sustainable energy supply may have completed the transfer to our management organization for 100%.


In other words, we can manage every aspect of technological, financial, communication and judicial issues on your behalf. From a personal website for your end users, to digital contracts and the purchase of energy we are fully at your disposal. Please take the time to let us show you our menu of services; let us inform and surprise you.



We carry the entire financial management of your energy. Your tenants receive monthly written an advance.

Outstanding claims will be carried-over to our debt collection agency (DAS). Every client will receive a yearly bill regarding their actual energy usage. You will receive a report concerning the financial performance of the installation every quarter.

customer service

Your tenants can make use of Vaanster Customer Service. Our own team of specialists addresses your tenants’ questions and concerns within 24 hours on business days.

Customer Service is available 24/7 to report problems and outages. A personal page provides personal data, meter readings, contracts, informational documents and invoices for each tenant.

Technical management

Conducting the full technical management of your installation.

Sustainable energy supply installations are monitored by our specialists, and we optimize the performance of your installation to the smallest detail. In addition, we monitor your electricity and gas purchases, and are able to buy at reduced rates thanks to the economy of scale. We also manage the day-to-day scheduling of installers in case of maintenance or malfunctions.


In every project are particular situations.

Examples are: structural dysfunction of an installation due to design errors, prolonged complaints which require a legal process, or the implementation of improvement measures necessary to achieve project targets. You can approach Vaanster to handle these time-consuming issues as well.


We set up supply agreements between you and your tenants in your name.

After signing, customers are immediately registered in the contract administration, and have access to their contract and information through their personal web page. In case of disputes, you are supported by our experienced team, and have the option of contacting the Vaanster attorney. Changes in future laws and regulation will automatically be implemented in our processes on your behalf.

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