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How can I report my meter reading?

Most meters are read remotely by Vaanster, which means the meter reading is read digitally. In addition, there are instances when you as a resident will be asked to pass on a meter reading.

For example, when you move to a house with an energy system of Vaanster or when you move out of a house with an energy system of Vaanster. You will then be asked for the meter reading on the date of moving and/or key transfer. 

Reading meters digitally

When you relocate, we always ask you to read the current meter reading yourself and pass it on. For the remaining periods, if the meter reading is read by Vaanster, the resident does not have to pass on a meter reading to Vaanster. The meter reading is published by Vaanster on the personal account of a resident. This process takes about two months. Alternatively, you can read the meter yourself and add it to your personal account.  Click here to go to your personal account.

If Vaanster cannot read your energy meter, an estimate of your meter reading will be made. This can happen if, for example, the wifi did not work for a while at the time of reading.

Manually recording meter readings

If the meter reading is not read digitally, then the meter reading is ‘manually recorded’. This means that the meter reading hat to be read from the energy meter and must be reported to Vaanster via the resident's personal page. Click on the button below to go to your personal account.