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How do I apply for an energy label?

You do not need additional information from Vaanster to apply for an energy label.

Collective installation

To apply for an energy label for a house (apartment) in a residential building connected to a collective installation, you need different information than in the case of an individual installation.

To apply, you need, among other things, the 'area of use' and 'type of generator'.

Where can I find my area of use?

If a home is connected to a collective installation, then the area of use of all homes including common areas connected to the installation is required. If this area is unknown, the calculation is used:

Use area of that property for which the energy label is requested


The number of apartments

It is then assumed that in all apartments connected to the collective installation are  the ‘area of use’ is equally big.

For more information about the usable area of your residence, please refer to the Land Registry.

What should I fill in under 'type of generator'?

If for a collective installation the engineering room in the residential building cannot be entered - and this is the case for installations operated by Vaanster - 'unknown' can be entered as type of generator.

The EP consultant will record in the project file why the engineering room cannot be accessed.

Why is the engineering space not accessible?

The basic principle is that the engineering room must be accessible if the technical room and installations are also owned by the building owner. This is not the case with installations that Vaanster operates and owns. The ownership is legally established through a building lease. These installations do not belong to the building.

What information do you need from Vaanster for the energy label?

As mentioned above, no specific information is needed from Vaanster to apply for an energy label. The calculation method above can be used to calculate the utilization area. The consultant can indicate that the installations are not accessible and for that reason enter 'unknown' as the type of generator.