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What will be on my annual statement?

Twelve months after sending the first advance bill, the annual statement is prepared. Once we have collected all the meter readings, the system can start making the calculation. With the annual statement, the actual consumption is calculated based on the initial and final readings. The fixed costs are also calculated. The fixed and variable costs are added together and that is the amount you have incurred in total costs that year.

On the annual statement we still clearly state which period we have calculated. At the bottom of the annual statement we put all the advance bills charged for that period. We then deduct these from the total annual amount. If your advance payments have been too low, you will receive an additional payment and if your advance payments have been too high, you will receive an amount back. It has been an estimate, so it never quite evens out and deviations are therefore possible. 

Once a year you will receive an annual statement around the same time. We need two months to collect and process all the data. Therefore, you will receive the annual statement 14 months after your move date.