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Collective system


EQw explained

While you sit comfortably on the sofa, your home is pleasantly heated or cooled from the EQw energy installation. We simply retrieve the heat for this from the outside air. But how does that work in practice?

We have installed heat pumps in the building's technical area and whisper-quiet dry coolers on the roof. The dry coolers are actually large fans that extract heat from the air in this way. Through pipes, that air goes to the heat pumps in the engineering room. These provide further heating of that air, thus heating the water that is distributed to your home through a network of pipes.

Through the delivery set, the hot water enters your underfloor heating system. Thus, the house is heated through the floor. The heat pumps in the engineering room also heat your tap water so that it flows hot from your taps and you can take a nice shower.

Your home is thus heated very sustainably. No gas is used. This way you contribute in reducing CO2 emissions. And that is good for the climate. Our climate, for our future. And you contribute to that by living in a home where Vaanster provides the heat/cold. We do it together, for each other.