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Frequently Asked Questions



With almost all thermostats, it is possible to set a program. This has the advantage that the temperature is automatically controlled by the thermostat after setting a program.

For (underfloor) heating systems that operate with low-temperature heat, it is advisable to keep the temperature as constant as possible. A low-temperature heating system requires time and a lot of energy to reach the desired temperature. By using a program on the thermostat, the interim adjustment of the temperature is limited.

Cold days

On cold days, you may have an extra need for warmth. We have gathered some tips for effectively and sustainably utilizing heat.


On hot days, you can utilize free cooling, which is not metered. We've gathered some tips to help you optimize the use of cooling.

Using underfloor heating

An underfloor heating system provides an even temperature throughout the home day and night. Underfloor heating heats at a low temperature and comes on more slowly than a traditional radiator. The same applies to cooling via underfloor cooling. For the cooling and heating system to work optimally, Vaanster recommends that the temperature be lowered as a minimum at night or when you leave home for a short time.