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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in my home?

Who is responsible for the system in my home?

The answer to this question varies depending on the project and is indicated by means of a property boundary. You can look this up by entering the postcode on the homepage. Go to www.vaanster.nl and enter the postcode and house number at the top. You will then be redirected to the webpage corresponding to the entered postcode. There, you will find an image depicting the property boundary of all equipment in the home.

Which thermostat is in my home?

Vaanster is an energy supplier and therefore the thermostat does not belong to Vaanster. The thermostat belongs to the homeowner. In the case of an owner-occupied home, it is you yourself and if in a rented home it is the landlord. 

How do I read my energy meter?

There are different types of energy meters. Commonly used brands of energy meters include Kamstrup and Ista. The energy meter is often located in the meter cupboard or technical room of your home.

How do I apply for an energy label?

For requesting an energy label, you don't need any additional information from Vaanster.