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All about billing

We call the monthly invoices advance bills

About a month after registering with Vaanster you will receive your first advance invoice. This shows the period we will charge you for. This is always one month in advance. So in January we will send you an invoice for February and so on. Because we bill in advance, the first time you receive two bills at the same time. One for the month you moved in and one for the next month. After that, you will only receive an advance bill once a month. Your advance bill is a monthly estimate of your costs. After a year, we draw up the annual statement and then we calculate the actual costs and offset them against the advance bills you have already paid.

What does the advance bill consist of?

Every year you pay a number of fixed rates. These fixed rates are all added together and divided by 12 months. That amount is included in your advance bill. 

Then there's the variable rate per Gigajoule. We estimate the first year how many Gigajoules you are likely to use. We calculate that based on the number of square meters of your home. After we have drawn up your first annual statement, your advance amount is based on your actual consumption from the previous year. We multiply the amount per Gigajoules by the estimated annual consumption of Gigajoules and also divide it into 12 installments.

After this, we add up the fixed rate and the variable rate. That is then your monthly advance amount. 

All amounts included in the advance amount include VAT.

Where do I find the rates?

If you log in to "my account" through the Vaanster site, you will find a summary of the variable rate and fixed rates under the heading "My Rates”.

Factuur & tarieven
Factuur & tarieven

* We determine your estimated annual consumption the first year based on your living area. After drawing up your first annual statement, the number of Gigajoules actually used will be your estimated annual consumption for the coming year. We multiply this by the amount per Gigajoule. We divide the resulting amount into 12 installments.   

The government has decided to lower the VAT on energy to 9% from July 1, 2022. Therefore there are two amounts including VAT per tariff; one with 21% VAT which is valid from January 1 to July 1, 2022 and one with 9% VAT which is valid from July 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

Every year in December, the Consumer and Market Authority pays our rates for the following year. Because you have no choice in your supplier of heat, the Government has arranged it this way for both of us. So you are protected as our customer. The ACM also has a handy rate checker on the site. This way you can check whether we are charging the right rates.

How do I create a personal account?

First you need your customer number. This can be found on your invoice and always starts with "200" and you need the e-mail address you registered when you registered with us. After registering you will receive an activation email. Unfortunately, this sometimes ends up in your spam or junk mail box. Please check it. 

Can I adjust my advance payment amount myself?

Yes, you can. In your personal account under the heading "My invoices" you can adjust your advance amount. This is within a certain margin, because the advance amount must be sufficient to cover the fixed costs. 

Can I authorize you to debit my account each month?

Yes, you can. You can also arrange this yourself in the aforementioned personal account. Go to the heading "My Invoices" and then under "My Payment Method" you can specify your bank account. This still needs to be administratively processed and possibly an advance invoice was already ready. On the advance invoice itself you can read how to pay it. If it says that you can transfer the amount, then the direct debit request has not yet been processed and we ask you to transfer the amount yourself once more. This will be the case on the next bill and you will not have to do anything else.

After 14 months you will receive the first annual or periodic final bill.

12 months after sending the first advance bill, the annual statement is prepared. Once we have collected all the energy meter readings, the system can start making the calculation. With the annual statement, the actual consumption is calculated based on the initial and final readings. The fixed costs are also calculated. The fixed and variable costs are added together and that is the amount of costs incurred that year. On the annual statement we clearly state which period we have calculated. At the bottom of the annual statement, we put all the charged advance bills from that period. We then deduct these from the total annual amount. If your advance payments have been too low, you will receive an additional payment request and if your advance payments have been too high, you will receive an amount back. It has been an estimate, so it never quite matches up and deviations are therefore possible.

Do I receive the annual statement in the same period every year?

Yes. For example, if you moved into your home in May, you will receive your annual statement around July/August each year. This is because we need two months to prepare your annual statement.

If you move, we will send you a final statement.

If you move out of the house, you can inform us about it via the website. We will then ask you to tell us the current energy meter reading on the day you move out of the house. We will then prepare the final statement for you. As initial reading we will take the reading on your last annual statement or, if it is shorter, the initial reading on the date you moved in. The final reading will be the energy meter reading you provided. If you do not provide us with a meter reading, we will either estimate your final reading or wait until your meter is read. Without your energy meter reading, it will take a little longer before you receive your final bill. Normally, you will receive your final bill within six weeks after your move-out date.