Invoices & tariffs

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About a month after you have signed up with Vaanster, you will receive your first advance invoice. This invoice shows the period for which we charge you. It is always one month in advance. So in January, we send an invoice for February, and so on. The first time, you will receive two invoices: one for the month in which you registered and one for the following month. After that, you will receive one advance invoice monthly. This invoice is an estimate of your monthly costs. After a year, we will make an annual statement in which we calculate your actual costs and settle them with your already paid advance invoices.


When you log in to 'My Vaanster,' you will find an overview of the variable rate and the fixed rates under the heading "My Rates."

Note: the rates in the image below are indicative. No rights can be derived from this.

Invoices & tariffs
Invoices & tariffs

* Your estimated annual consumption is determined in the first year based on your living area. After issuing your first annual statement, the actual consumed number of Gigajoules becomes your estimated annual consumption for the upcoming year. We multiply this by the amount per Gigajoule. The resulting amount is divided into 12 installments.

The Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) determines our rates annually in December for the following year. Because you have no choice in your heat supplier, the Government has arranged this for us in this way. This ensures that you are protected as our customer. The ACM also has a convenient rate checker on their website.