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Frequently Asked Questions

Rate, invoice and annual statement

What is my current tariff?

If you log in to "my account" through the vaanster site you will find an overview of the variable tariff and fixed tariffs under the heading ‘My tariffs’.  

Link to my personal account.

Can I adjust my advance payment amount myself?

Yes, you can. In your personal account under the heading "my invoices" you can adjust your advance amount. This is within a certain margin, because the advance payment amount must be sufficient to cover the fixed costs.

Click here to go to your personal account and log in to adjust the data. Click on create account the first time you visit the page.

What will be on my annual statement?

Twelve months after sending the first advance bill, the annual statement is prepared. Once we have collected all the meter readings, the system can start making the calculation. With the annual statement, the actual consumption is calculated based on the initial and final readings. The fixed costs are also calculated. The fixed and variable costs are added together and that is the amount you have incurred in total costs that year.

My annual statement does not seem to be correct.

If you suspect that your annual statement is incorrect, please contact Vaanster.

When will I receive my annual statement?

After you have lived in your home for one year, you will receive an annual statement.  This will be sent to you approximately 14 months after the first move-in date.

What is my monthly advance bill made up of?

The advance bill is not based on actual costs. Ultimately, everything is settled via the annual statement. You can adjust the advance payment amount yourself via your personal account. The personal tariffs also include the tariffs on which the advance payment amount is based.

Can I request a payment plan?

Sometimes you need some space and it can be nice to agree on a payment schedule for an annual statement, for example. We understand that. If the invoice is not yet due, this can be arranged through the personal account. View your invoices and click on the icon next to the invoice line and set the terms for a payment arrangement.

My payment via monthly direct debit failed.

Via your personal account you can check which invoices are open. Always check first that the direct debit option is activated. If it is not, you can change it directly on your personal page.

Click here to log in to the personal account. .

Did the monthly direct debit fail for another reason? Please contact Vaanster's customer service to discuss how this can be resolved.

What happens if I don’t pay my invoice?

If an invoice is not paid, we first send a reminder to still pay the invoice. Then, if an invoice is still not paid, we send a reminder. If the invoice is still not paid, we will send a notice of default.