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Frequently Asked Questions

Change data

How can I report my relocation?

If you are moving out, you can easily inform Vaanster through the website. We do ask you to give us the meter readings from the date you turn in the home key, even if you have a smart meter.

How can I change my personal data such as my e-mail address?

On the personal account you can easily arrange everything yourself and change personal data such as your mail address. 

Click here to go to your personal account. Click on create account when you visit the page for the first time.

Can I adjust my advance payment amount myself?

Yes, you can. In your personal account under the heading "my invoices" you can adjust your advance amount. This is within a certain margin, because the advance payment amount must be sufficient to cover the fixed costs.

Click here to go to your personal account and log in to adjust the data. Click on create account the first time you visit the page.

Can I set up a direct debit myself?

Yes you can. You can also arrange this yourself in the aforementioned personal account. Go to the heading "My Invoices" and then you can enter your bank account under "My Payment Method". This still needs to be administratively processed and possibly an advance invoice has already been issued.

How can I report my meter reading?

Most meters are read remotely by Vaanster, which means the meter reading is read digitally. In addition, there are instances when you as a resident will be asked to pass on a meter reading.

I forgot my password for my page.

You can request a new password yourself. Click here to request a new password.