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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I inform you about my relocation?

If you are moving, you can easily inform Vaanster about it through the website. We do ask you to provide us with the meter readings from the date you hand over the keys to your home, even if you have a smart meter. We understand it's a busy time, so you can also do this a few days later. There is no notice period, so you can provide a date in the past. After informing us of your move, you will receive the final bill within six weeks. If you are unable to provide a meter reading, please note that it may take a little longer.

How can I update my personal information such as my email address?

On the personal 'My Vaanster' account, you can easily manage various tasks yourself and update personal information such as your email address. Click on "create account" if you are visiting the page for the first time.

Can I adjust my advance payment amount myself?

Yes, you can. In your personal account, you can adjust your advance payment amount under the section "my invoices." However, this adjustment is within a certain range because the advance payment amount must be sufficient to cover the fixed costs.

Click here to go to your personal account and log in to update the details. Click on "create account" if you are visiting the page for the first time.

Can I set up a direct debit myself?

Yes, you can. You can also arrange this yourself in the aforementioned personal account. Go to the "My Invoices" section and under "My Payment Method," you can provide your bank account details. However, this still needs to be processed administratively and there may already be an advance payment invoice ready. On the advance payment invoice itself, you can read how to pay it. If it says you can transfer the amount, then it has not been processed yet, and we ask you to transfer it manually once. On the next invoice, this will be processed, and you won't need to do anything further.

How can I submit my meter reading?

Most meters are read remotely by Vaanster, where the meter reading is done digitally. However, there are instances when residents are asked to provide a meter reading. For example, when you move to or from a property with an energy system from Vaanster, you'll be asked to provide the meter reading on the date of the move and/or key handover.

I forgot the password for my personal account.

You can request a new password yourself. Click here to request a new password.