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Frequently Asked Questions

I become a customer at Vaanster

What does energy efficiency mean for my expenses?

You're probably wondering this because you're about to move into an energy-efficient home. Terms like gas-free or zero on the meter are often mentioned as well. These terms can sometimes be confusing regarding costs. What do they actually mean?

How do I become a customer at Vaanster?

You can easily sign up with Vaanster by clicking the button below. Make sure you have the following information ready:

What is a supply agreement?

After you sign up with Vaanster, you will receive the supply agreement from us via email. This document outlines all the rights and obligations we have towards each other. It provides information about the supply of heat and cooling, the rates, and the payments. This way, everything we will do for you and what you can expect is neatly documented.

What is a personal page?

In your personal account, you can find all the information that is important to you. Here you will find your rates, your invoices, and your consumption. What is also convenient is that you can manage everything yourself. For example, you can adjust your advance payment, set up automatic direct debit, and update your email address. But you can also postpone a payment deadline if it doesn't suit you, or even set up a payment plan, because we understand that this can sometimes be helpful.

How do I get water and electricity?

Vaanster heats the cold tap water, essentially similar to what you were accustomed to with gas. Therefore, a supplier for cold water remains necessary. Unfortunately, this aspect is sometimes overlooked, so we want to bring it to your attention. Similarly, we do not provide electricity either. Therefore, for both cold water and electricity, you will need to enter into separate contracts with other suppliers.

Can I find information about the equipment in my home somewhere?

Yes, you can. We have all the information about your home available on the website. If you know the project name, you can enter it directly at the top right of the website. This will take you to the project page, and if you click on "information for residents," you will find various information and videos about your home.

What is the best floor finish for underfloor heating?

The effect of underfloor heating and cooling depends heavily on the floor finish used. To make the best use of underfloor heating and cooling, some requirements are set on the floor finish in the home.

When will I receive my first advance payment invoice?

You will receive your first advance payment invoice approximately one month after signing up with Vaanster. All Vaanster customers pay a monthly advance payment invoice, as is customary for energy consumption. We always invoice one month in advance. Therefore, you will receive two invoices the first time: one for the month you move in and one for the following month. After that, you will receive only one advance payment invoice per month.