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What does energy efficient mean for my costs?

You're probably wondering this because you're moving into an energy-efficient home. Often the terms gasless or zero on meter are also mentioned.  These terms sometimes cause confusion about costs. So what does it mean?

When cooling, heating your home, no or minimal use is made of a fossil fuel such as gas. Such polluting energy is used sparingly. We supply energy, but you are not connected to the already existing gas distribution network. Instead, a whole separate central energy system has been installed. This is located in the engineering room and through the delivery set the energy is distributed to your home. For this, you pay fixed annual charges and variable charges for consumption. These charges are set by the Consumer and Market Authority. Energy efficient means that it has minimal impact on the climate.  Energy-efficient is not a reference to cost. The advantage is that you are completely ready for the energy transition and this energy does not contribute to global warming.  For more information, check out the ACM's site: