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Frequently Asked Questions

Malfunctions and maintenance

Malfunction in heat supply

There is a malfunction in the heat supply. This is inconvenient, and you naturally want it resolved as soon as possible.

Disturbance in delivery of cold

You suspect a fault in the supply of cold. That is annoying and, of course, you want it resolved as quickly as possible.

Malfunction in the hot water supply

It is annoying when hot water does not come out of the tap. It is important to determine:

  • Whether there is reduced hot water or no hot water at all.
  • Whether there is no hot water coming from any faucet (also called tapping point) in the house or whether there is a single faucet from which there is no hot water.
How can I report a malfunction?

First, the cause of the malfunction needs to be determined to clarify who can resolve it. The ownership boundary indicates responsibility for various components. You can find this on the residents' page of the project where you live. Go to www.vaanster.nl and enter your postal code and house number. You will then be redirected to the corresponding residents' page, where you can find the ownership boundary of the project.

I have a problem with my electric radiator.

A problem with your electric radiator can be resolved by the property owner. This is not within the scope of Vaanster's services.

I have a problem with my underfloor heating.

I have a problem with my underfloor heating. It's frustrating when your underfloor heating isn't working properly. To resolve this, it's important to know whether you're renting or if you own the property.

I have a problem with my thermostat.

An issue with the thermostat can be resolved by the owner of the property.

I have a problem with my ventilation. What should I do?

A ventilation issue can be addressed by the owner of the property.

My heat exchange unit (delivery set) is leaking. What should I do?

If water is leaking from the heat exchange unit, you should immediately shut off the water supply to the unit. You can do this by closing the shut-off valves.

Next, report the leak (by phone) to Vaanster so that we can resolve the issue. Vaanster is available 24 hours a day to report a malfunction at telephone number 085-7602992.

When does maintenance take place?

If planned maintenance is scheduled to occur, Vaanster will notify residents at least three days in advance. Maintenance may be desirable or necessary. Due to the execution of the work, supply may be limited or interrupted for as short a period as possible.