New customer

Welcome at Vaanster

Congratulations on your new home. From the completion date, you can register your new address with Vaanster. You can do this easily via the button below:


When registering, you will be asked to fill in the following details:

  • Name, address, place of residence, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, account number
  • Date of key transfer (this date may be in the past)
  • Meter readings on the date of handover of the key for heating, cooling and tap water heating (you will usually also find these on the handover form you received from the estate agent or landlord)

After registration and having processed everything in our systems, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. You didn't receive a confirmation e-mail from us that the application has been successfully processed? Not even in your spam? Then something has probably gone wrong. In that case, do not sign up again but contact our Customer Service.

Register as a customer with Vaanster after the key transfer date so that you can fill in the meter readings immediately. You may find these on the completion report you received from the landlord or estate agent. If you don't have them, you can read them yourself from the meter. Click this link for more information on how to read your meter yourself.

Personal account

After haveing registered your address via the website, you can create a personal account. This can only be done after you have received confirmation via e-mail that the registration has been successfully processed. In that e-mail, we will also send you the delivery agreement and the customer number. You can use this customer number to create your personal account. A personal account allows you to view and arrange many things yourself, such as: 

  • Insight into consumption 
  • Insight into invoices 
  • Change your advance payment amount
  • Set up a direct debit
  • Insight into current tariffs 
  • Possibility of changing personal and/or payment details.

Advance invoices the first month

All Vaanster customers pay a monthly advance bill, as is usual for buying energy. You pay an advance bill for the coming month. The first month in your new home, you will therefore receive two advance bills, one for the current month and one for the next month. After that, you will receive only one advance invoice for the next month. 

Practical tips for underfloor heating

  • The system provides an even temperature throughout the home day and night. Heating by underfloor heating comes on slower than with traditional radiators. We therefore recommend not lowering the temperature at night or when you leave home for a short time.
  • The underfloor heating pipe is right under the floor. Be careful when drilling and screwing into the floor so as not to hit a pipe. A leaky pipe means a major repair. Vaanster cannot fix this for you. 
  • Not all types of floor finish are suitable for underfloor heating.  In general, the best result is a stone-like floor. With fabric or wooden flooring, the heat and cold output to your home will decrease depending on the resistance of the chosen finish. When you choose a new floor, the adviser can give you good advice on this. Therefore, indicate that you have underfloor heating. 
  • For optimal operation of the underfloor heating, it is important that there is sufficient floor space. We recommend keeping at least 40% of the floor area free of furniture. 

Need more information?

Do you have questions for Vaanster about the system in your home? Then take a look at the frequently asked questions on this website. Also check your projects page for more information about your home. Via the homepage, you can find more information focusing on the situation in your home using your postal code.