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Malfunction in the hot water supply

It is annoying when hot water does not come out of the tap. It is important to determine:

  • Whether there is reduced hot water or no hot water at all.
  • Whether there is no hot water coming from any faucet (also called tapping point) in the house or whether there is a single faucet from which there is no hot water.

Therefore, it is important to check all faucets (also called taps).

If hot water is coming out of at least one faucet or if there is reduced hot water coming out of the faucet, then hot water is being delivered to the home but not at all taps in the usual way. This indicates a fault at a tap point or in the pipe running to it. The taps are owned by the owner of the home. The owner can figure out the cause of the malfunction or hire a company to do so.

If hot water does not come out of any of the taps in the house, you can contact Vaanster's telephonenumber. It is then important to check whether the neighbors have the same fault. If that is the case then another service party will come. There will be no service visit to your home. If you are the only one without hot water, a technician will come to your home.

The phone number for breakdowns 085-7602992 is available 24/7.

Malfunction in the hot water supply