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On hot days, you can utilize free cooling, which is not metered. We've gathered some tips to help you optimize the use of cooling.

Here's how to make optimal use of cooling:

  • Set the thermostat to the desired indoor temperature: the set temperature should be lower than the current temperature.
  • Keep the sun out of the house by closing blinds, curtains, or shades during the day.
  • Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible. This helps to maintain a cooler and more comfortable environment inside your home. If you do want to open windows, choose to do so during a cooler time of the day, such as early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Cooling through underfloor heating is not air conditioning. Cooling via the floor works much slower and can only cool a few degrees compared to the outside temperature. Therefore, the indoor temperature is not decisive. During extremely high temperatures, it may not be truly cool indoors as with air conditioning. That's why it's important to keep windows and curtains closed during such times to prevent the indoor temperature from rising too much.