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Schiedam, Terras aan de Schie

  • Status Under development
  • System typeEQw
  • Number of residences130

Van harte gefeliciteerd met jouw nieuwe woning. 
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EQw Duurzaam Energiesysteem

Frequently Asked Questions

Malfunction in heat delivery

There is a failure in the heat supply. This is annoying and you want it solved as quickly as possible.

Who is responsible for the system in my home?

The answer to this question varies from project to project and is indicated by an ownership boundary. You can look this up by typing in the zip code on the home page.

Disturbance in delivery of cold

You suspect a fault in the supply of cold. That is annoying and, of course, you want it resolved as quickly as possible.

Can I adjust my advance payment amount myself?

Yes, you can. In your personal account under the heading "my invoices" you can adjust your advance amount. This is within a certain margin, because the advance payment amount must be sufficient to cover the fixed costs.

Click here to go to your personal account and log in to adjust the data. Click on create account the first time you visit the page.

Malfunction in the hot water supply

It is annoying when hot water does not come out of the tap. It is important to determine:

  • Whether there is reduced hot water or no hot water at all.
  • Whether there is no hot water coming from any faucet (also called tapping point) in the house or whether there is a single faucet from which there is no hot water.